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My mom said she’d buy me a ticket to California, San Diego to be exact. It’s all I’ve ever wanted and I’ve seriously thought about just running away to SD, I had my things packed at one point. 

Unfortunately, I can only go on one condition. I have to have a secure place to live until I can get on my feet down there. I’m working on getting a job, but being in Georgia, there is only so much I can do from a computer screen. 

Which is why I need a little help. If someone knows a place I ‘could’ stay for a few weeks, or less, let me know? Or, does anyone have a place I could stay? If not, totally fine. The last thing I ask is this,  if I don’t find a place to stay, can someone ‘pretend’ that I’m going to be staying with them so my mom will think I’ll actually be staying with someone?

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